Friday, April 10, 2009

Grilling Goodness

Another Friday, another addition to Grilling Goodness with Golden Goodness
Always fun, always fresh..... here we go:

1. What's one of the best things you've seen lately? this may sound corny or whatever, but my family smiling and all happy, no stress, just happy.

2. Has Spring brought you something you don't like? POLLEN

3. What kind of sandwiches do you like? nothing beats a really good cooked on the grill burger, lean hamburger meat, but add on the bacon and cheese! Yum, it's 8:30 am and now I want a burger.

4. Do you carry GermX with you at all times? I used to when my first born was little, now only for the yuckiest of stuff.

5. Does each person in your house have their own hamper or do you have a central hamper for everyone? We have 4. But they are for all of us. one for hubby's work clothes, one for colors, one for darks and jeans, one for whites.

6. How often do you balance your checkbook? every day that I use my debit card or a check... hey I don't have enough money to let it ride till I get a chance.

7. What's the hardest thing you've done lately? This one is a little complex.... LadyBug asks me questions that a five year old wouldn't normally ask..... when she was three she wanted to know how LuLu was going to come out of my tummy..she was told, then watched. When she was four she asked if Santa was real... my policy is to tell her the truth if she asks a question (on her level)
Then she asked if God would make her go to hell if she wanted to believe in Peter Pan.. I assured her that God knows that she loves Him and wouldn't mind a little girl playing pretend. Now she is saying surely the Easter Bunny isn't real because what rabbit could carry all that stuff and get into your house at night?.... I am starting to wander...... Is honesty really the best policy?

8. Are you a texter? I am. But I have to say I am much slower at it than most.


shopannies said...

we have allready grilled out and love it seems like warm weather brings grilling weather so we were ready for those great sandwiches as well

utmomof 5 said...

Hi! Just makign the rounds to all who played grilling goodness this week.

#1 is the best thing to be happy to see! It is not corny :)

#7 It can be hard when they start asking the big questions