Friday, May 22, 2009

Grilling Goodness


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1. Do you have a cell phone that allows you to check your email? If I subscribed to the service I could. But it would probably be very slow.

2. Have you ever caught a foul ball at a baseball game? I don't go to baseball games.

3. What foreign accent can you imitate the best? None really.

4. Do you have plans for Memorial Day? No, not yet, but I'll probably eat.

5. Does your hair look decent if you let it air dry? It gets really BIG. and not in a good way like the girls on the shampoo commercials.

6. When is the last time you went to a waterpark? When I was little, I don't swim, I'd rather do roller-coasters.

7. Do you turn on your porch light every night? No, my husband uses it when he is leaving for work, it stays on all day and off at night.... I know that doesn't make sense but it is true.

8. Have you ever had to call the fire department? Yes a few times, and when I was four years old we lost our home to a fire.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

This is why I love him Thursday

It's Thursday, time to list my sweethearts lovable qualities.....
This weeks list includes...

He took Wed. morning off to go to LadyBug's 4k graduation, then went to work without complaining while we headed off to the end of the year pool party!

He is being so patient with me on my never ending list of things I want to do to our house.

He is undeniably the hardest working, best man, I have ever met.

He has been eating my half hearted meals lately, because I've been preoccupied with everything else going on and waited till the last minute to put something together for dinner.

I feel blessed to have him in my life. The past 11 years have gone by so fast! I couldn't imagine, wouldn't want to imagine, my life without him. We are so different in so many ways. God put us together that way. He has all my missing pieces and I have his, that way we fit perfectly together. Like a puzzle we need each other to be complete.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Life Liberty and Justice for All?

I want to get personal for a minute.I found out yesterday that my baby sister (20 yrs old) is pregnant! She is due Jan. 18 2009. I am thrilled. My parents and grandparents are thrilled. My sister and her husband are thrilled. My middle sister is thrilled. My middle sister has had two miscarriages. She cries often for her losses and suffers a condition making it very difficult to conceive. I have two beautiful daughters. Our baby sister is now expecting. My middle sister is still empty handed. I can't begin to understand why she is faced with this emptiness. I don't understand. I do know however, that there are babies killed daily in the name of 'choice' while my wonderful loving sister has an empty womb and a heavy heart. I want nothing more than to put a stop to legal abortion. But I want to uplift adoption. Make adoption less expensive and less painful. Make adoption well known, not a closed door. I am sad. I feel like freedom can go too far. When we tear apart sleeping infants in the womb in the name of freedom, we have given our soldiers who fight for freedom a bad name. I don't want my tax dollars to fund abortion. I don't want my flag to stand for abortion tolerance. What happened to Life, Liberty, and Justice for All?

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