Friday, July 24, 2009


I rode by this little junk place over and over, day after day and kept seeing this chair. I wanted it and found myself looking to see if it was still there every time. So, finally I stopped. No one came out to see if I needed help and to be honest I was starting to wander if this was some sorta pile of stuff the homeowner had collected, maybe major pack-rats or something....
I drove by two days later and it was still there. I stopped again, this time someone peeked out their head and asked if I needed help.
Yes, how much for the metal chair?? "$5", he replied. Hmm, I thought. It needed a lot of work, but I want it. SURE! "There's more inside." He said. An open invitation to scope out some more cool stuff! I found antique glass door knobs, also $5. And I'm thinking of going back for the old french doors to convert to pantry doors.
I need a little help. My kitchen, living, and dining rooms are all together in a big 30 x 32. The first thing you will see when you walk in the front door will be the island. I want to do something super cool. I am going for a minimal with rustic antiques look... any ideas. I'm thinking Natural Choice by Sherwin Williams for the walls, Greek Villa white for the trim and cabinets, the floor will be stained concrete and the counter tops are either concrete or wood, I haven't decided yet.
I want clean lines, serene feel, with wow, that's cool, where'd ya find it antiques here and there.
My plan for this chair includes attaching casters to the legs and using it at my Roll Top desk as a sort of dressing table/writing station in my bedroom.

Here is LuLu's room color as promised

I kicked but and pulled a 8 hour grout job by myself yesterday and finally finished my shower (except for touching up the ceiling and sealing the grout)

If there are any professional shower tile layer people reading...... just remember this was my first!!! And I'm darn proud of it!!!!

Comments are definitely welcome. I need help PEOPLE! Ideas!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

What I've been doing

I have been thinking about how simplicity makes me feel calm, relaxed and ultimately happier in general. This picture is a kitchen that says to me "I'm simple but rich in experience and detail, I may not be showy but I am efficient, relaxed, easy going. I can handle hustle and bustle of rush time or I can sit back with a warm cup of joe." I like that in a kitchen. I also like those qualities in life.

Our days have gone like this: (not so simple and relaxed)
During the week Bobby is at work and most days comes to the house to work after that as well as some side work. Our weekends are always at the house working.
My day looks like this......
7am~ wake up, feed the kids, get dressed, change over some laundry, take out the trash, pack lunch, fill water containers
9am~go to Home Depot, bank, pay a few bills, swing by McDonald's for a Caramel Iced Coffee, go to 'the property' (that is still what the kids call it)
10am~work on tile, prime, paint, rethink and plan on kitchen layout because I'm never satisfied with it, referee the girls, check up on the girls because they are curiously quiet, make time for tic tac toe, listen to LadyBug's newest book-now second grade level :0), throw LuLu up in the air until my arms feel like they are going to break, talk about colors and sing the alphabet song.
12:30~ eat a sandwich, some carrot sticks, a V8, a Powerade
12:45~get back to work, being a referee, scrape the tile down again because I made a huge mess with the adhesive, reinstall the corner caddy thingy that LuLu used as a step before the adhesive dried. Scrape off the adhesive that LuLu iced the tile with while I was gone to cut a trim piece.
5pm~ eat a few Fig Newtons, drink another Powerade, get back to work. Check out LadyBug's newest invention outside in the dirt, push LuLu around on the bike.
7pm~ go home
8pm~ bathe the girls, cook and eat dinner, clean up, put the girls to bed
11:30pm~sleep, glorious sleep

This is the color LadyBug picked for her room. Orange Slice by Glidden, we used Behr paint. The ceiling is about 2 shades lighter. Far from the previous description of relaxing simplicity, but you are only a child once. LuLu's color is Pink Peony also a Glidden color. I will post some pics of it soon. It is dusty pink with a lilac undertone.

With the help of my little sister I have been tiling my master bath shower. The opening you see here will be a solid piece of tempered glass. I finished laying he tile and cleaned it up for grout yesterday. As soon as it is grouted I'll post the pictures. I'll have to get a better picture. You can't see it here but a rain can is in the center of the shower ceiling and a handheld is on the wall. The clawfoot will sit right in front of that.

My two little sweet girls get as dirty as humanly possible every single day that we are there! But again, you are only a child once.