Friday, July 24, 2009


I rode by this little junk place over and over, day after day and kept seeing this chair. I wanted it and found myself looking to see if it was still there every time. So, finally I stopped. No one came out to see if I needed help and to be honest I was starting to wander if this was some sorta pile of stuff the homeowner had collected, maybe major pack-rats or something....
I drove by two days later and it was still there. I stopped again, this time someone peeked out their head and asked if I needed help.
Yes, how much for the metal chair?? "$5", he replied. Hmm, I thought. It needed a lot of work, but I want it. SURE! "There's more inside." He said. An open invitation to scope out some more cool stuff! I found antique glass door knobs, also $5. And I'm thinking of going back for the old french doors to convert to pantry doors.
I need a little help. My kitchen, living, and dining rooms are all together in a big 30 x 32. The first thing you will see when you walk in the front door will be the island. I want to do something super cool. I am going for a minimal with rustic antiques look... any ideas. I'm thinking Natural Choice by Sherwin Williams for the walls, Greek Villa white for the trim and cabinets, the floor will be stained concrete and the counter tops are either concrete or wood, I haven't decided yet.
I want clean lines, serene feel, with wow, that's cool, where'd ya find it antiques here and there.
My plan for this chair includes attaching casters to the legs and using it at my Roll Top desk as a sort of dressing table/writing station in my bedroom.

Here is LuLu's room color as promised

I kicked but and pulled a 8 hour grout job by myself yesterday and finally finished my shower (except for touching up the ceiling and sealing the grout)

If there are any professional shower tile layer people reading...... just remember this was my first!!! And I'm darn proud of it!!!!

Comments are definitely welcome. I need help PEOPLE! Ideas!


Carrie said...

You are way more creative then me. Great job on the shower tile!!

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m@ndy said...

Girl you kick booty! That's an awesome job! OHHH....& the chair. Ooola-la! Love it, and love even more that you want to put casters on it! You are way more creative than me!! Seems like you could teach me more than I could suggest to you!