Thursday, June 18, 2009

This is why I love him Thursday and Trina

It is Thursday and time to shout from the mountain tops, my reasons for loving the love of my life!
If I never have time for anything else, I want to be sure to make time to: Pray thanks to my God, Hug my girls, and Honor my husband. Those are things that must be done no matter what else is going on.
For better or for worse
In sickness and in health
For richer or for poorer
Till death do we part
I made a promise to him and to God, to honor and cherish, to love and yes, even obey, so long as we both shall live.
I plan to hold up my end of the deal as I know he feels the same.
God has planned our lives together. Whether things are good or bad we are in it together. I am thankful that because of our promise to one another and because of the stubbornness born in us both, that we will make good on that promise.

Of course he makes that easy on my end. I found yesterday that I am terribly spoiled! I had to take the trailer with me to the house so the HVAC guys would have the lumber they needed when I got there.....
I soon found out that not only does it take me a considerable amount of time to back up said trailer, I also had no clue as to how it should be reattached to my Jeep after the nice gentlemen removed it for me so I could go to lunch minus the extra 14 feet of trailer! Thank goodness for my very self sufficient sister who went with me! By the way I think we will start drywall in 2 weeks or less!!!!
Anyway..... I found out by that experience that with out Bobby I would be lost. He just does so much that I look over and take for granted everyday. Things that I didn't even realize that he did. I wish there was some grand way that I could express my devotion, adoration, and appreciation to him on Father's Day. Nothing seems to say THANK YOU enough.

So to wrap up a very wordy post.... He is great!

It is very important that I recognize Trina. She is such a sweet lady. Her love for peacocks isn't her only unique expression. She loves color and style. But more than that, she loves her family and God. She is involved in youth in a radical and awesome way. I always look forward to her posts. She is the type, you feel like you know her even if you haven't met. I appreciate that. Too many people wear masks when the real person is always so much more interesting to know. She was so kind to mention me in her blog and give me this wonderful gift. It means a lot that someone gets me.

Jason Upton-Look at that Dog

This guy, Jason Upton did the last service at our LIFT supernatural worship summit. We had a blast. If you get time, look him up he is truly a man after God's own heart, and a pleasure to listen to.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Jason Upton speaks about Adoption

please watch this. It speaks volumes!

Monday, June 15, 2009

art and stuff like it

Please click on the pictures to enlarge the view, you will not want to miss the details...

I believe art to be a product formed through many mediums. I believe nature, ink,paint, crayon, chalk, voice, motion, instrument, concrete, machine, tools and clay are all different mediums to reach the ultimate goal of art. My children are artists, My God is an artist, Tattoo professionals are artists, dancers are artists, painters are artists, I am an artist, my husband is an artist, a builder is an artist, a musician is an artist, a teacher is an artist. The question then is, What is art? My answer, Anything created. No matter, professional or novice. Anything can be art.

So now lets eat granola and hug some trees ;)

OK. Here is the scoop.... My HVAC guy will be at the house early in the morning. HIP HIP HOORAY!
Through God all things are possible.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

natural and bare not recycled or green

I have been encouraged to tap into my creativity by the LIFT worship summit classes and let me warn you now...... If you've no patience for elementary or rusty poetry...... you will not be held accountable if you leave now. That said, let me tell you that I've not 'written' in quite some time. But I opened my spirit to flow out as best as my mind could communicate my experience and lesson I learned this weekend. Please bare with me but I have to push away the enemy by not being fearful that I will receive judgement and know that the inevitable judgement of others can not and should not hold up or shut up my creativity. So in very basic, back to the beginning poetry I have laid out my heart. I am confident that this early piece will grow into more of what I was created for....

So, ahem, OK, ......... without further ado........ here goes:

Broken and down
brown suit and frown
head too heavy to wear this crown

wander through streets
wander through town
looking for peace
still unfound

to the end of the rainbow
to the break of the sun
ends are frayed
knots undone

eyelashes on cheeks
with mascara runs
feet bare
spirit shunned
pebbles turned stones
arteries moan
under flesh, blood, bone
and image shown

eyes can not see
ears can not hear
spirit rising
done with fear

pick up the cross
where lay a crown
much too heavy
put it back down

for broken for weak
for lost for found
one strong and certain
savior abounds

forgiven and loved
place now found
at the feet of the One
who wears the crown