Monday, June 15, 2009

art and stuff like it

Please click on the pictures to enlarge the view, you will not want to miss the details...

I believe art to be a product formed through many mediums. I believe nature, ink,paint, crayon, chalk, voice, motion, instrument, concrete, machine, tools and clay are all different mediums to reach the ultimate goal of art. My children are artists, My God is an artist, Tattoo professionals are artists, dancers are artists, painters are artists, I am an artist, my husband is an artist, a builder is an artist, a musician is an artist, a teacher is an artist. The question then is, What is art? My answer, Anything created. No matter, professional or novice. Anything can be art.

So now lets eat granola and hug some trees ;)

OK. Here is the scoop.... My HVAC guy will be at the house early in the morning. HIP HIP HOORAY!
Through God all things are possible.


Rachel said...

I still can't believe how much your youngest looks like me - that last picture could totally be Ali!

offroad4christ said...

I am so gald you are getting more stuff done on the house!!!! And don't worry you don't sound like you should be driving a VW van just yet :) lol!!!!!