Thursday, June 18, 2009

This is why I love him Thursday and Trina

It is Thursday and time to shout from the mountain tops, my reasons for loving the love of my life!
If I never have time for anything else, I want to be sure to make time to: Pray thanks to my God, Hug my girls, and Honor my husband. Those are things that must be done no matter what else is going on.
For better or for worse
In sickness and in health
For richer or for poorer
Till death do we part
I made a promise to him and to God, to honor and cherish, to love and yes, even obey, so long as we both shall live.
I plan to hold up my end of the deal as I know he feels the same.
God has planned our lives together. Whether things are good or bad we are in it together. I am thankful that because of our promise to one another and because of the stubbornness born in us both, that we will make good on that promise.

Of course he makes that easy on my end. I found yesterday that I am terribly spoiled! I had to take the trailer with me to the house so the HVAC guys would have the lumber they needed when I got there.....
I soon found out that not only does it take me a considerable amount of time to back up said trailer, I also had no clue as to how it should be reattached to my Jeep after the nice gentlemen removed it for me so I could go to lunch minus the extra 14 feet of trailer! Thank goodness for my very self sufficient sister who went with me! By the way I think we will start drywall in 2 weeks or less!!!!
Anyway..... I found out by that experience that with out Bobby I would be lost. He just does so much that I look over and take for granted everyday. Things that I didn't even realize that he did. I wish there was some grand way that I could express my devotion, adoration, and appreciation to him on Father's Day. Nothing seems to say THANK YOU enough.

So to wrap up a very wordy post.... He is great!

It is very important that I recognize Trina. She is such a sweet lady. Her love for peacocks isn't her only unique expression. She loves color and style. But more than that, she loves her family and God. She is involved in youth in a radical and awesome way. I always look forward to her posts. She is the type, you feel like you know her even if you haven't met. I appreciate that. Too many people wear masks when the real person is always so much more interesting to know. She was so kind to mention me in her blog and give me this wonderful gift. It means a lot that someone gets me.

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