Friday, June 26, 2009

Grilling Goodness


click on the pic to join Tina in Grilling Goodness every Friday....
She names the questions, we give the answers and compare, it is a lot of fun!!

1. When you were growing up dreaming of having children...dreaming of what their names would be...did you stick with those names?

No. I wanted to name my little girl Penelope but was waaay out voted when the time came.

2. Are you affected by the death of Michael Jackson?

What was the question?? Who??

3. Do you use your dishwasher and your fireplace?

Dishwasher, yes. Fireplace, I don't have one now and I am voting against one in the new house. I want an outdoor one though.

4. Have you ever been on a mission trip?

No. But one day maybe.

5. Will your kids participate in a Vacation Bible school this summer?

Not this year we did a summer reading program instead and to be honest our schedule has been too crazy to commit.

6. What about the economy is affecting you the worst?

definitely the gas and groceries!

7. Do your kids do chores?

LadyBug is Five and helps when I ask her but LuLu is still too young.

8. Do you use energy efficient light bulbs?

Yes, in most rooms. I do the daylight ones and I really love them.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Not too shabby for hump-day.......

Getting ready for the patio....

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Blessings Unending

Hip Hooray for Bobby. He got us a leap ahead for drywall today!
Bobby and a co-worker got more done today than I could have helped him do in a weekend!

The wonderful surveyor that set up our easement for water went way beyond our expectations!
Where we are going to live - out in the boonies- we have to get an easement to run water lines to our property and the meter will also be on someone else's property. The surveyor who took care of it for us is also a notary public. This sweet man met me to get exact location, went to property owner to verify, received appropriate paperwork via fax, went to water board to be sure of what they wanted, drew up paperwork, went to property owner for signature, went to court house and filed it for me, went to water board again to give them a copy..... all for $200!! He is just a good hearted sweet man. He called my husband and asked if he could do all of that because he knew Bobby was very busy with work and since we had two small children I was obviously busy. Can you believe that?! So now all I have to do is show up at the water board with a handful of cash (a check really) and we are all set!!

And I was able to take my sweet girls swimming. That was a blessing.
Time is something I haven't had a lot of lately. But blessings have not run short!!

Me, LuLu - Granny, LadyBug

LadyBug, LuLu, DD, Mom, and Granny

Monday, June 22, 2009

Jumbled Mess

I hope my readers will forgive me for not posting much lately. I've just had so much going on that it would look like a jumbled mess if I tried to update or put together something in a hurry. When I'm this busy it is really hard to sound intelligent because my brain is a jumbled mess.
But here are the latest goings-ons.....

Heating and Air - DONE (at least until drywall is up and painted)

LadyBug's Library reading - 504 pages so far for June!!

Plumbing - DONE (at least until drywall is up and painted)

Insulation and wiring - mostly done, will be finished this weekend

Drywall - waiting on us to finish this weekend

Grocery shopping - I am learning how to shop cheap and feed my family well.

Laundry - Uhmm, washed, mostly

LuLu's potty training - Depends on the day

You get the picture....

I did buy this really cool kitchen faucet today marked down from $247 to $92 wah hoo for me!
I am determined to get great products and great final quality as cheap as possible, for a couple reasons. ONE: I truly feel it necessary to refurbish and reuse when possible and get a deal when you can. And TWO: I need $4400 after the house is finished.....for something(s) a little more personal.

Father's Day was fantabulous. Hope yours was too.