Monday, April 6, 2009

Spring pictures and weekend review

Spring Pictures


The weekend

The girlies were gone for the weekend. We watched Fast and Furious Friday night. I have to say this was the best one yet! There were a few scenes and a few words I would edit out if I could but the rest was really exciting. They grab your attention in the first minute and don't let go! Needless to say, I LOVED it!! We ate dinner at Costa's, and got home about 1:30 am. Then Saturday night we went to the dirt track and I actually had a really good time! We got home about 1:00 am again. *note* we are usually in the bed by 10:00.
We had a lot of fun but we were ready to get our girlies and hug on them by Sunday morning!!


Alicia said...

They are beautiful! They both have beautiful so long and the other just precious curls!!

Glad you had a great weekend...every now & again its good to have some "me" time (well with your hubby).

Hope you have a great week!

Carrie said...

Oh Mary....the girls pictures are so cute! They are so pretty!! Glad you and hubby had a good weekend!!

Rachel said...

Those are adorable pictures! LuLu's hair looks a LOT like Ali's hair! They might could pass as twins. . .