Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Wordful Wednesdays

Today's wordful Wednesday...... Easter party at the park.

LadyBug's class had an Easter party at the park today. We had so much fun!


Alicia said...

Too cute! Did you touch these photo's up? The color in them in awesome!

Carrie said...

I bet it was fun...the weather is so nice today. We did the Easter party thing today to but ours was inside.
I love the picture of pretty!

Carrie said...

I ordered mine off Ebay...I just requested quick shipping. I know one girl got hers from and she got hers in two days. Books-a-million will probably have it too. I don't know of anywhere in town to get it though.

My Goodness said...

What sweet pictures!!

Thanks for coming by!

And thank you, thank you for missing me! lol!

Super cute page, btw!