Friday, February 20, 2009

new background new mood

Today is Friday!!!! I have NO IDEA what we will be doing this weekend. And I am quite happy with that! I changed my background and put my playlist on shuffle.... oooh a day of change! Alex is spending the night with my granny and popaw tonight. Too bad Bob is sick ;)
I hope everyone has a wonderful, safe, healthy weekend!

Thought for the day:

Be encouraged.

I received a letter from Spencer Bachus (member of congress) thanking me and reminding me of his stand on all things PRO LIFE. It helps to know you are heard. Alex's school also completed some petitions for me to send to National Right to Life to stop the Obama abortion agenda! I'll be sending those today. If anyone wants to sign or wants a copy of the petition go to
Whatever you want to do be encouraged and follow through.


Carrie said...

Mary....after you get the grilling goodness picture on just go to the blog (the one that is called Golden Goodness...if you click on my blog and then click on where it says click here it will take you directly to her blog) and copy and paste the questions to your post and then answer them!!

mary said...
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