Sunday, February 15, 2009

I went on a picnic and trail walking with my grandparents and my two girls today. I love spending time with them. Gracie decided she was too tired to stay in a happy mood on the way to the covered bridge (partly because I woke her up this morning, partly because we all forgot how to get there) A 35-40 minute trip took about 2 hrs. But luckily I was in good company and sweet little Alex sang twinkle twinkle little star a million-ba-gillion times to help Gracie go to sleep. We finally got there after several wrong turns, a couple looks at the map, and asking directions from someone who could barely speek english. O.K. so by now you probably said to yourself 'where is your GPS?' WE DON'T HAVE ONE. Now more than ever I feel behind the times and think it is definately the next thing on my wish list. The weather was beautiful. The trail was lovely and our picnic turned out great. Bobby was taking old rusty Fords apart. Something I will never understand. He met up with us just in time for the 500. Disappointing ending again. Not to say that the win was undeserved but as always I would have loved to see a full race to the end finish. This never seems to happen anymore. And for the record I take Junior's side! Not his biggest fan, but I would have given it my all as well. It is RACING after all not follow the leader! It was a great day! I hope everyone had a great weekend and happy Valentine's Day.

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