Wednesday, February 18, 2009

the fight what fight

A clarification is in order for the name of this blog. Don't think I enjoy fighting or strife. I simply acknowledge the truth that we all fight a battle of some kind in our lives. Small ones daily... will I have that other doughnut, I just lost my cool again, if my face breaks out in one more spot there will be no face left, that sorta thing. But sometimes the battles are much bigger. I think if we share and lean on each other with the small daily battles we will be more connected to help with the bigger battles. That is all.

Thought for the day:
Truth is not determined by a majority vote. Pope Benedict XVI Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger

When we are facing a decision in life do we follow the crowd? Or do we look to our God for direction? God has equipped us with decision making skills, we need simply to hide his word in our hearts and never forget to ASK HIM FIRST!

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