Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Been busy.

Saturday and Sunday were both tied up with the house and being sure it was completely ready for drywall.
Monday was grocery shopping and catching up on chores.
Tuesday..... still catching up on chores.

Our drywall should be up and ready to paint in a week and a half!!!

I have to get serious about paint colors.
I'm going for a 'cottage with a hint of modern' kinda theme. I like white, cream, mushroom, walnut, dusty blues, vibrant greens.....
Does anyone have any suggestions?
The floors are acid stained concrete in a dark walnut finish. I want to incorporate bead-board. And I need to make some slip covers for my sofa and love seat but I really don't know how. They are in great shape but I want a creamy linen type cover for them that will not cost me a body part!
Help! Anyone! It's crunch time!


Carrie said...

Well as you know I am currently repainting almost every wall in my house. I am just tired of what I have and want a change. I have chocolate brown furniture and went with a very light blue (called baby powder) on the walls. I am not finished but so far I absolutely love it! But I love that color combination of blue and brown. I am going to paint my kitchen and dining room some sort of light sage green with an accent wall of dark chocolate brown. I guess I am really into the chocolate brown with a lighter color. Emily's room is actually pink and chocolate brown and it is so cute!! As far as the slip covers go..before we got our new furniture I had bought slip covers off Ebay and got them for a pretty good price....I don't sew though so that was out of the question!! Good luck with the painting..I know you must be excited!!

Amanda@Imperfectly Beautiful said...

Ohhhh...fun! Wish I lived closer and I would be over there in a heart beat to pick out paint colors with ya. I think all the colors you listed would be lovely with the dark tones of your floor, especially the soft blue and mushroom! Good luck, and have FUN making all those yummy decorating decisions.