Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Mustard. It's what's for dinner.

My LuLu loves mustard, ketchup, lemons, steak sauce.... just about anything that LadyBug will not touch. LuLu wanted a snack after dinner as usual, because she never eats her dinner!!!

Anyway.... as I was saying, she went to the kitchen and brought me the loaf of bread so I gave her a slice. Then she brought me the Texas Pete I exchanged that for a wedge of cheese. (what kind of parent gives their child hot sauce for a snack?) She was happy with the alternative and ate (most of) it. Then after leaving a trail of multi-grain bread crumbs and smushy cheese in the floor she brought me the mustard. So I obliged and put some in a plate with some cheese crackers. She ate it all!

*note to self: after dinner is probably not the best time to be distracted by email*

Now before you start judging me on my toddler's eating habits, know that I would have never allowed my oldest to indulge in junk instead of a balanced meal. However, I am older, wiser, busier, and all around less wonderful as a parent.
It happens to the best of us.


Carrie said...

So true....poor Daniel had to be "perfect" and I had to be the "perfect" mother. I too am much older and wiser these days...and way more relaxed!!!!

Rachel said...

Ali will eat anything - and lots of it - if she has any kind of dip-dip. Which makes for some interesting combinations. . . Watermelon in Chick Fil A Polynesian Sauce. . . Cheese in Ketchup. . .