Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Today Stellan is on my mind again (his surgery is this morning).
Today my girls are sleeping in.
Today my husband's hobby is taking over my yard.
Today I realized that God is only labeled once on my list of blog labels.
Today I am feeling creative.
Today I am emotional.
Today is a new day.
Today my kids will be my priority.
Today I will paint my kitchen.
Today I will mop the floors.
Today I will do whatever I darn well please because a woman should have that right when she gets her 'visit' monthly.... I mean if they took away our huts that we were banished to in the old days then we should at least get a 'free day' in return!

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Carrie said...

Mary....my plan for the book club discussion was this: I will list a set of questions that everyone can answer about the book. They will be questions to help provoke thinking and we can see the different thoughts everyone had. Then I was going to ask everyone to add anything about the book that they want to below the questions. I am going to ask each person to copy and paste the questions to their own blog and then we can visit each others blog and comment if you choose to. Also you will be able to comment underneath my post about the book. This will be all be on the book club blog. Anyway hope that makes sense. It's been kind of hard trying to figure out the best way to do this. I will post the questions on Thursday afternoon since you are going to be so busy Friday. I am going to be busy to as hubby and I are going to the beach this weekend and we are going to try and leave mid morning on Friday. If you have anything to add or ideas for the book club let me know. Thanks