Thursday, April 23, 2009

Baby Bunny is Back! Oh and This is Why I love him Thursday.

The baby bunny from yesterday (that hopped away) was in my drive again this morning. My dog still looking out for it when it comes out into the open!! This time I got a few pictures of it.
Notice the oak leaf just to the right of the little bunny, they are nearly the same size!! I'm so glad he/she is doing well and that Buddy is looking out for him/her. I was so afraid it wouldn't make it without it's mommy (being so small and all). I love Spring.
Oh, and I didn't forget about my hubby! I love him today and always. Here are this week's reasons why:
He loves me.
He took me with him to work on his buddy's car instead of leaving me at home.
He let me drink over half of his beer drink.
This is my life right now....... Babies, Bunnies, Buddy, Beer, Beef, Boxes, , Bobby.
Some are constant (Babies, Bobby, Boxes, Buddy), some in small quantities (Beer), some are 'rare' (Bunnies, Beef) But I love them all.

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Trina said...

That bunny is so cute! We dont' see anything like that in my neighborhood :( Lots of bugs tho...

Thanks for the compliment on my hair! As my stylist says, it's all in how you blow dry it. It can make or break a good cut. Just practice with some different blow drying techniques!