Friday, April 24, 2009

Tears in a Bottle review

Today we are doing a review of the book "Tears in a Bottle" by Sylvia Bambola. You can check out all the details here. We are supposed to answer the questions followed by our own thoughts. Next week we start a new book so if you are interested in joining go here.

1. Which character did you like the most and why? Kirt. He was so patient with Maggie. He loved her and waited while he encouraged her through Christ to get over her own pains. Maggie was great too but without Kirt she would only partially be able to help those girls.

The least and why? My least favorite was Flo the OM because as awful as Thor and that nasty Newly was, to me, her being a woman, should have made her choose to not be involved with them in any way. It is hard to explain but I feel like she knew what was going on and felt it more important to save the business than fix the problem and save those poor girls by calling in proper authorities.

2. Did you learn something you didn't know before? I had the harsh realization that it is business, to the owners of the mills it is business, money to be made. That breaks my heart.

3. What major emotion did the story evoke in you as a reader? Fear. Fear that most women faced with this decision will not know the facts. Will not know the heart shattering truths. Will not know that in no way will abortion ever 'fix' their situation.

4. If you could change something about the book what would it be and why? There would have been fewer characters. I appreciate the fact that the author needed to share with the readers, just how many people are affected by abortion, but so many characters in such a short story kept me from being able to fully connect with any individual one. I hated that Becky went through with the abortion, but in some way it was necessary for the story. What she heard, felt and saw in that tube was a necessary story to be told.

5. At what point in the book did you decide if you liked it or not?What helped make this decision? I decided I liked it from the beginning. Because I am on a personal journey to know what women go through because facts and realities are often more than what you can see with the natural eye.

I think I covered most everything with the questions, thank you Carrie for doing this! I am so glad that Adam went to Maggie. And that the author kept everything in check so that the story didn't get too big and ruin the realness, if that makes any sense.?

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Carrie said...

Mary...Those were great answers you gave. I totally agree with you that there were to many characters for a short story. I did have that same thought while I was reading it.
Thank you for joining in on the book club. Hopefully it will grow and more people will join in. I think it will take time. If you have any suggestions on how to make it better please let me know. I am new to this and could really use any suggestions anyone has. I didn't do as much as I would have liked to due to us leaving for the beach Friday morning...that kind of messed me up. Anyway...have you got started on the new book yet??