Thursday, June 11, 2009

this is why I love him Thursday

Because...... why not?!
That is why!

Oh and since he didn't have side work last night.......

He came in, ate dinner, talked to us, played with the girls........

And DID NOT turn on the TV!!!

What a man~
What a man~
What mighty, mighty, Good man!


This has nothing to do with today's post but I am so excited I wanted to share anyway.
My baby sister went for her very first prenatal check up today.
She has a beautiful 1 cm long sweety that will be spoiled, like nobody's business! I can't wait ('cept I have to, for nine months) to be the aunt. Since Bobby and I are both the oldest we don't have nieces or nephews.

Oh, but the times are a changin'! Now I get to hold them without fear of dreaded spoilage, (even though some might accuse me of doing that with my own angels)
I do feel it is necessary to help out parents by following their house rules even when the little stinker is at your own house... I have learned that only grandparents are afforded the right to contribute to the dreaded spoilage.... because after all they raised our butts, they deserve it!
So, DD, I solemnly swear -'cept, I don't believe in swearing- to abide by your house rules when I am watching over your little angel. Because my time will come to contribute to spoilage. So long as you allow me to: kiss, hug, transport ~ in an approved car seat that is fastened so snug in the car that hurricane force winds could not move it, feed, nurture, and pamper them while they are in my care.

So now I spoke my peace, Everett. And I done counted to three.


One more thing and then I promise I'll be done.....

I am going to be part of a Supernatural Worship Summit called LIFT starting tonight. It will take up most of my weekend but I can't wait to tell you how it goes!


Carrie said...

Hey Mary! Glad to see you are back in order now...I clicked on your blog the other day and couldn't see a thing!! C

Congrats on your sisters baby! That is so exciting...babies are so wonderful.

Hope this weekend goes great for you. Talk to you soon.

offroad4christ said...

I love you mary you are so sweet! I am glad I have such a great family to share this with.
Love you sister