Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I can see it!!!!

I'm so glad to be back!!! I can finally see my blog again. Please get comfy, I'm in the mood to catch up.
Here is a break down on my forever home and how it is coming along....

I got a beautiful sleek stainless range hood and shower tiles yesterday. The range hood was a chunk of money but beautiful and worth it! The tiles I picked up at Southeastern Salvage for .49 sq ft !! Just so you know a 10 sq ft box of tile is heavy and loading and unloading can be tiresome and dangerous! I also went to The Old Gray Barn today and picked up some things for LadyBug's nautical cottage themed room.

Here are the tiles now there is one less tile because I dropped the darn box on my ankle and broke one (at least I hope I only broke one) They are 3" x 6" snow white matte. Let me see if I can explain this well enough to give you a picture of my master bath...... when you walk in the door you will see the clawfoot, behind it will be the glass side of the shower and you'll see these tiles in a subway pattern. All soft whites, creams, and some soft blues.

This is why I said tile can be dangerous! I thought I broke something other than a tile at that moment, but the *Que the poor me, pitiful music* excruciating pain has subsided. Note the swollen, awful, boo-boo...?

While we were working over the weekend LuLu made herself a friend. She also met a lizard but he didn't like her as much as she liked him. Click on the picture to enlarge if you can't see her froggy friend.

Here are the things I found for LadyBug's room. It was only $15 after taxes! She (we) want a relaxing retreat kind of feel so I will refrain or at least try to refrain from buying anything else 'themed' to her room. All we need now is bedding, rug, apothecary jar (for sea shells) and a worn and very large chest to put at the end of her bed for toys. Oops I forgot the desk, she needs a desk too.... but that is it. Cross my heart. The boat thing is a picture frame, $3. And the crab is brass and his head opens to hide a treasure inside, $2.

This is the view I get when I head into town from my 'forever home' I have already become so attached to the place that I look for excuses as to why we can't leave just yet. Even after working there all day.

I have tons of ideas for the house I'd like to share but I'll spare you this time.
I can see it now, it is all coming together.

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