Friday, May 29, 2009

Grilling Goodness


1. If you had 10 hours at home alone, what would you do? Sleep in, do as many 'work in progress' projects..... oops I ran out of time!

2. Do you have a fond memory of your dad? This is going to sound very odd but my most fond memory of my dad was when I was being disciplined once.... He made me and my middle sister write apology letters to each other after we had one of our fights.... when I read mine it was full of I'm sorry, but if you hadn't... I wouldn't haves.... so he explained to me that when you are sorry, you are sorry. That is it. No strings attached. No butts. You are either sorry or you are not. I still carry that with me whether it be a disagreement with my hubby or my kids.

3. Do you prefer the pool or the beach? BEACH

4. What's the furthest you've driven for one day of fun? About two hours, to a cave, zoo or aquarium, six flags.... guess I'm two hours from everything?!

5. Solid, clear solid, clear gel or aerosol? Deodorant of choice, that is. Clear solid

6. Do you tan or burn/peel? burn in the spots only the tanning bed have seen... tan every other place.

7. What's your favorite pasta-based meal? lobster ravioli

8. Do you wax or pluck your eyebrows? usually pluck... and my man beard hairs are too noticeable to miss a week!

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