Tuesday, May 26, 2009

We are formaldehyde free, 35% post consumer, mold and mildew resistant!

In case you didn't already know, my husband and I have been married for a little over 7 1/2 yrs. We have been planning our 'forever home' (a term I borrowed from a friend) for about 6 of those 7 1/2 years!! I have felt a little disappointed several times because I wanted my home and I wanted it now! But the house we are in has been good to us, and God's plan is not our plan. Finally my prayers are being answered and we are moving along on our 'forever home'. The one will will cherish for our time on earth. The one we will raise our two sweet girls in. The one we will work hard on caring for. The one we will actually do landscaping around. The one we will see many sunsets from our 30' long front porch. The one we will fight in. The one we will love in. The one we will make mistakes in. The one we will experience victories in. The one we will play with our grandchildren in. The one we will grow old together in.

Our journey with our 'forever home' started long before we purchased the 7 acre tract it sits on in December of 2006. A year later we poured the pad for the floor. Another year and a half later and we started on the framing. We are moving right along now.

We insulated every wall that the plumber from Plumbing Dynamics didn't have to work on over the weekend!! We are hoping to have him (our plumber) there this week or weekend to finish up so we can complete the insulation. We also ran the telephone/data wires and cable wires, cut the grass (weeds) that have grown out of control this spring and cleaned up inside.

Here is a picture from last winter when my hubby 'Bob the builder' started the framing.

Here is a picture of the outside. I don't have one of the outside that has roofing on it but I will do that next time.

Here is a picture of the inside with some insulation.

I can't wait for the HVAC guy and Plumber to get their stuff done so we can Sheetrock and tile!!!
You might ask why we are taking so long?.... We decided not to go get a large mortgage so we have done what we can and now we are financing the rest because we want to be in there by next school season.


Alicia said...

That is awesome! YOu need any roomies?? Just kidding! I think that is great! I cant wait to see it as more gets done to it!

carol said...

Your "forever house" is coming along really beautifully. I will see if I can keep your plumber on schedule. I do have a little pull with that. You will soon be making new "forever memories" with your beautiful family.

carol said...

Hey! your "forever house" is coming along beautifully. I will try to keep your plumber on schedule...after all I have a little inside pull with that. (HA)
In no time you will be making new "forever memories" in your new home.