Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Wordful Wednesdays

Hosted by Seven Clown Circus , its Wordful Wednesday. Here are my beauties.

LuLu has found great delight in putting clothes on by herself. She found this beanie and decided to wear it, regardless of the fact that it is a comfy 70 degrees in here.

LadyBug was playing on the computer (her new favorite webite is Pixie Hollow) and our mouse stopped working so she understandably was very frustrated.


Carrie said...

Hey Mary..cute pics of the kids..I've got something for you over on my blog!!

Carrie said...

Take the arrow to the image and right click on it...then browse down to "save picture as" and right click. Then save it under whatever you want to...then just upload it like you would a photo. That's how I do it anyway...hope that helps!

Carrie said...

oops...I meant browse down to "save picture as" and LEFT click..sorry!