Friday, April 3, 2009

Fast Furious Friday

TGIF! Need I say more?
Bobby is working on our house today. His wonderful boss is doing the wiring. They are doing the telephone wires today. I really had no idea how many decisions would need to be made so quickly. Thankfully, I have received some very good tips. So far we have built out of pocket, oh and thank you - Home Depot Card. But the time has come to BORROW. Yuk, I hate to say that word, it sounded very loud just typing it. Anyway, I am very excited that we will be moving forward in a quick way very soon. (the plans took five years to 'perfect' and just getting it dried in has taken a year or more!)

Bobby is taking me out tonight! Fast and Furious. Anyone who knows me knows that this tops.... dinner, although we will do that too. Then if funds allow we will attend the 'races' Saturday night. For those who know me... you know this is not so exciting. But my MIL has the kids for the weekend and I am going to walk hand in hand with my love..... through mud, dust, smells, loud engines roaring, swearing in the background, and lots and lots of did I mention- DIRT? Oh well, he loves me, and I love him.

Stellan is doing much better! He still needs our prayers.


Thought for the Weekend:

Encourage and be encouraged. Jabez asked God and God did what Jabez asked.
(1 Chronicles 4:9-10)
God knows us each by name, His plan is written. Our names are written on his hand.
(Isaiah 49:16)
Because Jesus took the fall, we are able to rise. God loves us so much that we are able to stand tall, look the enemy in the eye and say 'you are defeated'! Who is your enemy? Are you taking charge of your victory? Your enemy could be anything; health, violence, anger, jealousy, grief, shame, lust.... You have victory in Jesus!

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Carrie said...

That's so sweet Mary...I hope you two have a great weekend together!