Monday, April 27, 2009


I want to start by saying I do not apologize for being who I am.
In a politically correct world, I should accept and be tolerant of everyone's 'right' to do as they please. But I am not of this world.
Recently for several reasons I have neglected to 'preach' about abortion and loving those who have to live with out the options that are given no second thought by most.
I don't want anyone to feel that I am in anyway, anything but what I am. I can not apologize for that. I can say that I am sorry if I step on anyones's toes, this is not in my mission. Please feel free to let me know what you think one way or another. I appreciate the honesty, as that is what I try to be, even when it costs more than I would like. I stand here:
Do I tolerate killing babies? Nope.
Do I love those who made the decision? Yep
Do I think teens should be taught that sex is ok outside of marriage? Nope.
Will I be a parent who teaches abstinence? Yep.
Do I think it was a good idea or even acceptable? Nope.
Will I teach my girls that their worth is far greater than any boy other than the right one can understand? Yep.
Will I teach them that there are consequences to decisions? Yep
Will I love and support them with an honest relationship? Absolutely!!
I am not sure why I felt the need to get all of this out but I did so here it is.

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