Tuesday, March 3, 2009

We were all sick this weekend. I have a lot of reading to do to catch up with everybody. I am sooo sorry for everyone who has had to endure this horrid stomach virus!!!! YUK!! Hope you are all doing well.
Bobby stayed home yesterday to take care of me and the girls but he got sick too. So Granny and Popaw came and picked up Gracie. She was the only one well since she got the yuckies first. Me, Bob, and Alex lay in the bed all day. As bad as it was and as much as we all missed Grace it was nice to spend some 'time' with Alex. We haven't done that since before Grace. The hug that I got from Gracie when I picked her up this morning was priceless.... How I miss her when she isn't around!!

On another note, have you ever read the whole Bible? I started to about six months ago. I read the new testament first then the old. I have gotten as far as 1Samuel and I realize there is so much more to the story than what you get from reciting verses and taking what you will from those verses. It is waaay more complicated than I ever thought! My goal was to understand Jesus in a way that would direct me into the path to be more like him. Then I realized to understand him I had to understand his past. I can not say that I understand everything I've read so far. But God gives you what you need when you need it and He will do the same with understanding.


Carrie said...

Mary...sorry to hear you all had the virus...Sawyer has had it and it has lasted for nearly 5 days. None of the rest of us have it...I hope it stays that way!
I have never read the Bible all the way through...but I need to. I have a Full Life Study Bible that has the most awesome study notes at the bottom of each page and it explains the scripture in the most amazing way I have ever seen. It gives me a much better understanding of what I just read.

mandbugg said...

The story of Samuel leaves me in awe - did u know that he is the only prophet that God said this about, "not one of your words will ever fall to the ground". I believe in my heart of hearts that Samuel was the greatest prophet of God that ever lived - Of course that's not including Jesus". We learned about Samuel in my class and it was so wonderful!!! God values our character more than He does our gift... the story of Samuel shows why he was such a great prophet... he not only had a HUGE gift and calling on his life - he had HUGE character. Samuel truly was a good man. I think it's honorable that you want to know more - I find that the more I learn the even more I want to learn... the more that u read -the more u being to see and understand who God really is. Then you being to appreciate him for who He is not what He can do. He's so simply complicated - that's the best that I can describe God as in a short phrase. Besides He's just freakin' awesome! I pray that God will give you much revelation and many dreams as your hunger grows.

mandbugg said...

So glad you are all on the way to well again!

m@ndy said...

Glad to hear your better,,,,heard the virus was rough.

I haven't read the Bible all the way through, awesome goal. Your exactly right, God gives us what we need when we need it! He will call to our rememberance His word like a sword when we need it.