Wednesday, March 4, 2009

potty talk and signs of spring

The girls gave me quite a scare today. Neither would go tee-tee after the horrible stomach virus I was so afraid they were dehydrating. They don't want to eat either. So I called the doctor and they told me to bring them in tomorrow morning if they are not better. So we went to Walmart and they picked out some things they might want to snack on and drink. This is only allowed when they are sick!!! Anyway we picked up some applesauce, bananas, juice, powerade and such and came home. I am so proud of their choices. Wouldn't you know that now they are eating and drinking MUCH better. LuLu even wet a few diapers and went potty once too! She started going potty last week. She is even going to get a diaper or going to stand in front of the toilet to let me know she wants to go! Since she says very little I really have to rely on body language but it is going pretty well. She also has VUG (bladder reflux) so I don't push her besides the fact that she is only 17 months, I don't want her to hold it. LadyBug and I had lots of fun looking for flowers outside while LuLu napped. I cherish those one on one times with them!!
On another note.
I wanted to add a picture of new life in our yard! The first strawberry blossom. Signs of spring!!!!
Thought for the day:
1 Samuel 16:7 " ....God does not see the same way people see. People look at the outside of a person, but the Lord looks at the heart."
When we look at each other, what do we see?

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