Sunday, March 22, 2009


So it is Sunday afternoon... I have PMS, including a face full of acne, and a broken (brand new) front loader which apparently is in lock down mode - and has been since Friday afternoon, with my wet laundry stuck inside it!! The repair man can't be here 'till Monday sometime!! My house is relative to a disaster area, it smells of unwashed laundry, pizza and a recent 'dirty' diaper and looks like a family of wild animals inhabit it. Oh and Kyle Bush won the race!
'Calgon, take me away'
Now I feel much better and I think I'll go clean up for the lovely repair man who shall arrive well dressed, well mannered, and with perfect timing. Whilst my children and I sit quietly doing an art project that will not be messy, with grins, giggles, and untangled hair, And my 'monthly' shows up in the morning not the middle of the night and with no cramps....ahhh. I do love to daydream.

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