Wednesday, February 25, 2009

We must Choose

My heart is heavy today. I read an article I will not soon forget. I spent the day with my sister, my heart is burdened often with thoughts of her. I am so thankful that she is in my life. I find myself calling her daily just to hear her voice. I also got an update on Search for the Cure. I now have been informed of inflammatory breast cancer. I am thankful for the information. Most everyone has had a close encounter with cancer whether it be yourself or someone close to you. I sat with my Aunt as she took her last breath, my sister has a constant battle with pre-cancer cells, my mother in law battled breast cancer. We must find a cure! We must cherish every moment with each person in our lives! We must Choose to value the life of our infants no matter the prognosis! We must Choose to love! We must Choose to live each moment as our last! We must Choose to share hope! We must Choose to have faith!

Thought for the day:

God loves you just the way you are. But He refuses to leave you that way. -Max Lucado

We are all born sinners, tried and true. God loves us anyway. He loves us enough to place us in 'our spot' in 'our time' to become who we can be.

Also, please take the time to pray today for all the women who are facing pregnancies. Whether they are planned, unplanned, or faced with a grim prognosis for their pregnancies. Pray for God's healing touch on the people who research cancer. That their eyes be opened to a cure and our government makes swift movements to allow the cures to be used. Thank you! Today I fight. Today I pray! Not all wars happen in a battle field. This is my fight! Our babies deserve the same opportunities we have. Our families deserve a life without cancer.


Miss Jennifer said...

Hey Mary! Nice to meet you! I saw you on my blog! I love your "thought of the day"! Praise God He loves us the way we are, but won't leave us that way! max lucado is great.

I am thankful for your conviction to stand for life. Sanctity of life is disregarded in many so many ways.

I'll be following your fight!

m@ndy said...