Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Spring cleaning

Spring cleaning!!! Ugggg! It has to be done. Right?Right!

Well I started yesterday.... on the kitchen. OMGoodness that stuff on top of the cabinets- GROSS! After two extra hot sanitising washes in the dishwasher (you didn't think I would do that by hand did you?) the dishes were finally clean. The very elderly refrigerator is back to white again. And you don't feel like things are going to fall on you anymore. Now for the rest of the house.... not a surface to be seen. NO JOKE. The laundry/craft area/office is today. I am certain that everything in here will not be able to stay! I need a really big honkin' dresser or something to put in here to organize my craft and scrapbooking supplies. Bob and I have a big debate over just how many drawers do I need in my new kitchen.... I need lots of them! Drawers do hold more- and better than shelves. Well I guess standing here looking at it isn't going to make it all go away so here I go. The girls seem to need me every time my hands are full and I am trapped behind an approaching avalanche!

Thought for the day:

Joel 3:9-10

(9)Announce this among the nations: Prepare for war! Wake up the soldiers! Let all the men of war come near and attack. (10) Make swords from your plows, and make spears from your hooks for trimming trees. Let even the weak person say, "I am a soldier."

The Lord has called. Wherever your heart feels drawn, go and fight. The time has come. Your time is now. Do not call yourself weak. If God is for you who can be against you? Gather your stones, David! You need no more than your Lord as your shield.

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