Tuesday, July 14, 2009

anxious questions

So... I've been neglecting my blog among other things: such as laundry and dishes and home cooked meals......

I have been stressed...no.... anxious, yeah, anxious.

We have been so busy on our forever home that I've neglected everything else.
Bobby seems to think that I haven't neglected the girls or him, maybe the house we are in, but not the family. I can only hope that the girls feel the same way. School is starting soon, in another district, and we are not finished.

Will LadyBug be OK with a new school, new home, new life??
Will LuLu turn out OK even if I haven't been able to take all the necessary time to do the one on one that LadyBug had when she was a toddler??
Will I ever feel the same sort of balance that I felt before a second child and house building??
What is the real reality of a New Home, New Town, life??
The thing I have begged for and hope for and prayed for is drawing near and I somehow feel anxious.

I give God all the glory and praise for His grace and works of love in our family, for all the things that have been done only through Him. I am grateful. I am humbled. I am undeserving. I am blessed.

I am not complaining. I am just talking to some good friends, who just might understand.

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m@ndy said...

Praise God your forever home dream is so close!! Sometimes I feel overwhelmed when I am getting what I have hoped, dreamed and prayed for too! When we moved last November I was on cloud nine - then reality set in. The work it was going to take to get 7 years worth of junk packed up and re-set. Still not re-set FYI. School was in, it was hectic! But God blessed us above & beyond! Just as HE has blessed ya'll! I'm so happy for you and as I look at the pix of you & the fam working on the house my heart is joyous for you guys! Praise be to God for your awesome blessings!!