Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Feelin' like HS

I've been on facebook for quite a while and have become kinda sick and tired of it. Maybe it's just the people I am in contact with on there but it just seems so childish like high school! I have a teacher from 9th grade history class on there and he is the most frustrating man I know!

Really, how come someone in a position such as that can publicly preach christianity while tearing christians down!!

I mean seriously, it is very heard to be what you are called to be and stand your ground. I understand that. It is much, much easier to be what the majority finds popular. But, come on, if you are a teacher and call yourself christian, (a follower of Christ) how can you in good faith cram free-for-all ideas into young minds?

It breaks my heart that my babies will be faced with this when they are in school. All I can do is teach them the best I can and pray that they will be equipped to handle these people in their lives. Our world is changing at a very fast pace. It seems like we will be facing criminal charges for standing our ground in America of all places. Where everything is ok except moral responsibility.

Hardened hearts are only softened by God. How many modern day Pharaohs are there?
God lead me with a pillar of fire in the night!

Oh and the phone just rang....Daddy has Cancer.....

I wanted to post about some light hearted my silly kids did..... kinda post but, my heart is heavy and I feel like I'm in spiritual warfare against weapons I don't always understand.


Trina said...

oH my, do you mean your daddy or your hubs? That is terrible! What kind? Fill us in so we can pray!

Carrie said...

Oh Mary I am sorry to hear that news. I will be praying for your family. Things can be so hard sometimes.