Thursday, March 19, 2009

This is why I love him Thursday

A great way to remind myself of the little things he does that makes him special or makes me feel special because I am with him. Props to Jen!

He is home for dinner every night.

He makes me laugh when I am angry.

His eyes smile when he smiles.

His heart is tender even though he is tough.

His hugs are like a warm blanket.

Ok that is all the mush you get today. Jealous yet? Alright... I know that isn't the point, but it does help remind me how wonderful he really is.

1 comment:

Miss Jennifer said...

Okay Mary...I get the point!! Haha! Too funny! I am definitely over my bad attitude, so I guess I need to do something like this! I will, I will..promise!!!
P.S. - I heart your playlist!