Tuesday, March 10, 2009

country life and the flu

I just thought this was beautiful. It has nothing to do with my post.
Aunt Nita, LadyBug, and LuLu

Me, LadyBug, LuLu, and Aunt Nita. We had just finished climbing that 'hill' which I have to say seemed more like a mountain!

We spent Sunday with Aunt Nita and Uncle Skunky (not his real name, of course) in Nectar, AL. LadyBug and LuLu played outside the entire day. We went hiking. A kid friendly version, but exhilarating none the less. I rarely get a chance to hike but I do love it! LadyBug and LuLu went with the guys in the mini truck, they really liked that. Then they played with the goat, made mud pies and visited with the cows! Ye Haw, Yippee-Ki-Yay and all that good stuff!! We had a fun day! Fresh air and cow patties.... it doesn't get much better than farm life!! And Nita's garden veggies from last season for lunch! Makes you feel a little lazy the next time you heat up some frozen meal or open a can you bought from the grocery store. I've got to learn to can. It tastes so much better when you know where it came from. Anyone ever heard of a baby food cake?? She made us one. It is delicious!! Kinda like a spice cake.
I was so happy that we were all well and enjoying the day after the dreaded stomach virus. Then LadyBug came upstairs Sunday night and said she couldn't sleep. So I made her a pallet and she kept trying to clear her throat. Uggh, this pollen is getting to her even with the singulair, is what I was thinking.... But Monday morning she was whining about everything and by Monday afternoon we were going to Dr. Joe because she had a fever of 103! Out of the blue! So anyway, it is the flu. I was devastated! "No, she can't have the flu! She just had a stomach virus!" I blurted out, like that would change his diagnosis. The poor thing just started eating and drinking again! But you know what?? She wanted to play outside when we got home from the doctor's office! As long as the Advil is in her system she seems perfectly fine other than a cough. What a strange flu. Her fever keeps soaring though. It was 104.6 a few minutes ago. I would appreciate your prayers for Alex and for Gracie not to get it. We continue to be blessed and happy!


mandbugg said...

You are all in our prayers - I love my mawmaw's canned and freezer veggies and meat girl. There TRULY is NOTHING better in this world - food wise - than farm grown food - especially when it's a family farm.

m@ndy said...

Sounds like you have had a week girl! Your family is in my prayers Mary.