Thursday, September 10, 2009

nothing new, everything new

Not that it will be anything new but I won't be posting for a while. We are weeks from moving in and I am shutting down our service. I'll start back up as soon as I can.

I'll post some pictures of our progress this weekend.
My baby girls turns two this next Tuesday!
Heating and Air was completed today.
I've been caulking and painting doors and trim.

This house is a little like being pregnant.....
At first you dismiss the vomiting with a "that's ok, it's worth it"
Then you do the same with the leg and back aches....
Before long you are 9 months and even though you know you should be enjoying every minute and taking notes.... you are instead saying "can we just get this over with?"

That is where I am.... 9 months and counting.... Can we just get this over with?

I'll will miss your inspiring posts.....

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