Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Who's got spirit??

So I know that life changes.
People change.
Children grow and change.

I just found out that I may not like change too much.

Saturday morning I took LadyBug shopping for school stuff. Just me and her. No LULU. No Daddy. No aunts, sisters, grandparents, friends, or neighbors. Me and her. Big girl shopping day.
She cheerfully helped me count out the school supplies and put them in the cart. 8 boxes of crayons ***WHAT****deep breath*** check, six rolls of paper towels-check, and on and on it went $160 worth. But who's counting?.......
We were starving after all that hard work so we went to a Mexican restaurant that we love (don't know the name, sorry. But it is at the Oxford Exchange if you're ever out that way) She likes it for the virgin strawberry "cold drinks", and they mold the rice and put the beans in a tortilla cup, oh and they cut the quesadillas into triangle pizza shapes.

We spent the rest of the day going through every store we could find and racked up on some good deals!
We went to Starbucks (no caffeine for her, don't worry) then headed home.....
What a fun day! We don't get days, just the two of us any more.

Then it was meet the teacher night. I am frustrated. Nope. That doesn't do it justice. I AM FRUSTRATED!!!!! I was told that they do placement tests. They don't. I was told since it was a small school that the teacher would have so few students, she would be able to spend quality time doing extra work with her. Nope. She has 16 students at least. She can't possibly take the time needed to be sure that LadyBug is progressing to her potential!
Her teacher in 4K ran out of books for her. She is reading and comprehending at a 2nd grade level with ease. She does addition with multiple numbers. She knew her colors, shapes, numbers, and alphabet before she was two!
When we asked about the curriculum for the year.... we were told that they will start with letters, numbers and colors and by the end of the year start to read some.....!
They have to bring coloring books to keep them quietly busy while others are working when they are done!! WHAT?! She can color at home! What the heck is she going to school for??
If she isn't learning something new, she is getting behind.
Before you start thinking that I'm some kinda mad woman who pushes her child too hard..... she asks to do work, and constantly asks tough questions. She is just made that way.

Ok. I need to breathe now so... moving on..... Here is LULU. Ain't she cute?


m@ndy said...

wow! Tough spot to be in! I don't have any advice besides prayer, no matter how big - how small God knows it all!! HE has an answer, maybe she can tutor some of the other kids! :)

Mrs. Jennifer said...

YOu could always come over to the homeschool side of the fence with us!

mandbugg said...

Sounds all in all like a great day! I wouldn't worry too much about it at this point Mary. Alex is smart and she will excel no matter what. We just can't depend on other people to educate our children any more - have her take a placement test when she is in the 2nd grade - I am sure the result will be that she is gifted!